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Social Value Advisory


Social Value and verified reporting is becoming a "must have" for sales, supply chains, teams, investors, and marketing. Building a stratgic plan, linked to enhanced profit is now a critical part of business

Brand reputation – total visibility – good guys/bad guys (customers, investors, suppliers, staff)

Staff – higher retention/attraction, loyalty and performance

Supply Chain – increasing need and standards for ethical supply chains

Real-time measurement – performance, engagement, sustainability, impact

Finance and governance – cost of debt, reduced operational costs, audit and control

Investors – ESG baked in, attraction, reputation

Sales/marketing  - increasingly a pre-requisite for tendering, proposals, Social Media marketing

Profit – Sustainable businesses, loyal customers, attraction of new customers and staff, all support increased profitability

To order a Social Value Audit, and align your business to your markets, contact us now

Social Value Advisory: Service
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