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Ever feel like your business has kidnapped you, in the boot of your own car?

Symptoms may include:

  1. Feeling out of control

  2. No idea where it could all end up

  3. Loss of control, as the world around you dictate your actions and responses

  4. Immersed in the suffocating detail of your business

  5. Lack of time to THINK

  6. “If it is to be – then It’s up to me”, syndrome

  7. Confusion as to your role of a Director, a shareholder, or an employee

  8. Failing to understand, or comply with, Directors legal responsibilities

The last years of Covid, economic strain, and changing behaviours of people, whether they be customers or team members, has taken it’s toll on many company directors.

Shifting markets, supply chain issues, legal complexity, and cash flow, are just some of the challenges facing a business leader, and to which they must respond

Directors of companies of all sizes, often feel this way. It can become stifling, unproductive, and frustrating, as to the lack of discernible progress and results. Time becomes your enemy, and time away from work becomes eroded and then a source of increased anxiety.

Want to get out of the boot, and back into the driving seat?

The simple answer to this conundrum is called GOVERNANCE, and it is the one thing that can make or break a business

Governance starts in the boardroom, and it doesn’t matter if you are a large or tiny business. It defines the behaviour and compliance of the board, but more than that, it then forces the formal planning and implementation of work, that drives STRATEGY and RESULTS.

Think of governance like the car steering wheel. If you have it in place, then you will head in the desired direction. If you don’t… well, if you’ve never driven a car without a steering wheel, then just imagine this for a moment!

Governance is about detaching yourself as an individual, and establishing the rules, processes, reports, and controls that are needed to ensure your business success.

Stepping out of the daily operations, and into the boardroom, is a conscious act. One that elevates you above the noise of your business, and allows you to do what each individual director must do by law.

That is, to control the business, navigate its path, take decisions for the good of the business, and provides clarity out of confusion, peace out of noise, and a sense of control over chaos

Governance can exist at all levels in your company, and can be pushed into your management teams, and even your operational teams.

If your business is run with family members or friends, then good governance is absolutely essential, to provide the framework of working, removing emotional or personal situations, and reduce possible conflict.

Not to be confused with overly strong or autocratic leadership, or simply written down processes, the principles of governance are about being a Good Business, able to flexibly move in changing markets, with dynamic responses.

The return on this investment, is simply; profit, productivity, efficiency, purpose, and growth

If you’d like to know more, about how good governance can be created in your business, buying you peace of mind, a renewed vigour, and a more productive and profitable experience, then contact me today

I can help you get out of the boot, and back in the driving seat

Mob. 07711 008350.

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