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A Killer in our midst

The Invisible Killer I need to alert you that in your organisation, right now, lurks an invisible killer.

The killer lurks in your buildings; it feeds on people’s fear; and spreads like a virus, passed from one person to another, one team to another; and left unchecked it can kill our organisation as surely as a company liquidator.

It takes an uninvited seat at Board meetings, rudely intrudes on your management meetings, and becomes highly active around meeting areas such as vending machines and refectory areas.

The effect can be devastating. It overcomes logic, defies explanations and laughs in the face of change. It can sabotage your best laid plans with ease, and take away the efforts of even your best people at a stroke.

It can be beaten, but first you need to identify it, and then plan to contain it. Once you have, you will need to stay vigilant, and persist with actions designed to overcome it.

The killer has a name, Metathesiaphobia.

It’s defined in the dictionary as: “a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of change.”

Yet, according to recent research, over the next five years creating and implementing “change Initiatives” is the number one priority for Directors of Organisations of all sizes.

Have you made Change part of your plan?

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