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Does Your Business Need a Pebble Chucker?


I heard the term at a talk given by Tony Wilson, the acclaimed motivational speaker, and he described this word and what it meant to the point where I decided that I almost have to change my job title to that of Philip Webb – Chief Pebble Chucker.

Quite simply, as the image in your mind will doubtless already have shown, the pebble chucker is the one who causes the splash, the ripples, the disruption and the little circular waves in an otherwise still pond.

The noise as the pebble hits the water always gets attention, and the disruption and the concentric circles never fail to mesmerise, as they expand ever wider touching more and more things as they go.

So, in business terms, I am the Pebble Chucker. I am the person who is invited into your organisation not to join you in looking at the peaceful still waters, but to throw in the pebble of change, of positive disturbance, and to work with you to move the business forwards.

It takes the active disruption of the old, in order to get to the new.

Several pebbles may be needed to move your business towards greater success, but the pebble chucker is not here to observe the beauty of the still water, the reflections and the quietness, for such water that doesn’t move will become stagnant over time.

Here to create noise, big sploshing noises that cause the ripples of change to move objects, gain interest and shift mind-sets.

Are you ready now for a Pebble Chucker in your business?

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