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Supercharge your Lean Six Sigma programmes

You’ve engaged with Lean and maybe Six Sigma in an attempt to find and expose process issues and then to plan to fix them, thereby improving the Organisation.

You may have had initial success, which has furthered your belief that this is the right path, and that the business plan will achieve its greater performance as a result.

But how many of the projects are truly successful, how many start out doing better things and then return to a lower return base, or simply return to the old ways completely?

How do you know that the changes are sticking, that the business plan is the driver and more importantly – that the savings are real and not simply extrapolations of soft data and people behaviour expectations?

This is where the problem lies in process driven improvements.

They invariably lack the joining up with the Organisations own STRATEGIC plan, preferring to focus instead upon incremental operational efficiencies.

The proposed process driven changes are often “done to you” as opposed to “created with you”, and this is where a concept called “change sabotage” starts.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a willful attempt by staff and teams to derail the company, it’s not a conspiracy against the organisation – it is simply the basic psychological reaction to change and control of change.

It is purely the human reaction to changing the state of things and the harboring to the old, and the luke warm reception of the new.

Team Action Management is a systematic and licensed programme to avoid this pitfall. It supports the psychological state of your workforce, embracing its innovation, fears, naiveties and issues, bringing this together through a business filter to support and become included in the changes and new ways required.

In short, it supercharges your process initiatives and allows successful change and improvement to occur.

Team Action Management links “change” to Strategy, allowing the Organisation to know that the improvement projects identified have a real, consequential and joined up positive effect on the business.

The programme carries a science and history of success in many Corporate Businesses and Organisations and is licensed to practitioners in the say way that you have trained your Lean and Six Sigma people.

Call us now for further information, or contact us here at

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